New Restaurant in Dhaka!

Dhaka used to be a city of mosques, today it can be called a city of restaurants. You can now find any cuisines in Dhaka, from Authentic Chinese to Hakka Chinese to traditional Bangla Chinese, Lebanese, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Sri Lankan, Indian and many many more. So I decided to start writing some reviews on these restaurants.

Recently I visited this new restaurant at Satmasjid Road named PAPRIKA with a friend.It is opposite to American Burger and on the 1st floor of the building which houses Bengal Meat downstairs. It’s a neat location and should get a lot of university crowd. The interior is very neat with very well decorated walls and ceilings and also the tables are chairs are very comfortably spread with ample space to walk around. The kitchen is behind a glass barrier and you can see the chefs at work which is again a neat touch.


The most important aspect is of course the taste of the food. We ordered a Chicken Cashew Nut Salad and Grilled Prawns with 2 separate drinks. Food was served within 15 minutes but oddly drinks were served after the food. For me it is not much of an issue, but it can be for others.

The cashew nut salad had pretty generous portions and for 250 a plate I would be happy to have it again. There were plenty of chicken and cashew nuts for both of us and the flavor was also okay. Given the price, it is the probably the best I had in Dhaka. Although they used sliced cucumbers inside the salad which I found a little odd.546829426897636353

The prawns were also served in a beautiful plate and they looked very appetizing. The sauce that came with the grilled prawns was strong but it tasted great. The flavors were spot on and it did not overpower the freshness of the prawns which I thought is very rare in Dhaka. As for the drinks I am not sure what they were called but they were pretty refreshing and tasted good.

Overall I liked the place because of its ambiance and the presentation of the food. The restaurant also scores very high in Value for Money segment. Food and Drinks cost us 950 taka with VAT, so I am very happy with the deal. It will be interesting to see whether they can continue giving these kind of portions at this price. I will be more than happy to return again to check out other items.